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Embedded Devices

Nowadays computers are not only used as workstations, server or notebooks. Millions of devices like appliances, sensor nodes, smartphones, home automation systems, vehicles among others are equipped with microcomputers which, generally invisible to the user, carry out monitoring and controlling funktions as well as everyday jobs.

Embedded Systems are realised with a wide spectrum of CPU architectures (ARM, AVR, TI MSP430, PowerPC, MIPS etc.), from 8-bit microcontrollers to more performant, yet energy-efficient 32-Bit processors.

In principle, these devices have restrictions concerning processing power, main memory, power capacity and communication interfaces. This poses special challenges for manufacturers and developers.

Curesec has specialised on the analysis of embedded systems.

We check the following problem areas:

  • Serial Communication Interfaces (RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 etc.)
  • Synchronous Serial Interface (I2C, SPIC, ESSI)
  • Peripheral devices (SSD cards, compact flash etc.)
  • Bootloader configuration (U-Boot, RedBoot)
  • Firmware reading protection
  • Firmware reverse enginieering
  • Communication security
  • Developer accounts / backdorrs (JTAG, ISP, ICSP, BDM Ports)
  • Cryptographic procedures
  • Stability

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