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Botnet Analysis

Many computer systems are infected by worms which, in addition to implementing their own malicious routine, simultaneously incorporated their target into a network of other infected systems. These infected networks are called botnets. They serve the "bot herder" for DoS attacks on the infrastructure and also as a starting point for new attacks, for the smuggling of spyware and as an entry point into a corporate environment.

Botnets can accommodate several million systems and can only be disabled through coordinated actions of law enforcement agencies or private individuals.

If your systems have been infected by malware and you want a detailed analysis of the software, we will gladly support you.

Investigations that we perform:

  • Basic analysis of malware
  • Investigation of links to other infected systems
  • Locating the C & C server
  • Locating the drop zone

Publications of the curesec GmbH on Botnet Analysis

16.09.2013 curesec GmbH publishes Part 3 of the inkasso trojan analysis on their Blog.

01.07.2013 The second Part of the inkasso trojan analysis is published on the Curesec Blog.

18.06.2013 curesec GmbH publishes Part 1 of the analysis of an inkasso trojan on our


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