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Physical Security

An often overlooked entry point for corporate espionage, theft and attacks on the network layer is the physical safety of work environments, server rooms and the company premises in general.  

In many places today, modern access control systems are used on the basis of RFID readers. However, these are both partially out of date as well as vulnerable to attacks. The surveillance camera is also used frequently and is thought by many to provide increased safety awareness. Here, too, important points of access and technical areas are often overlooked as well.

Would you like to know how far external persons can make it intruding your building? Or whether they manage to penetrate into the chairman’s office, leaving a business card to prove that a non-company person managed to get through with ease?

Although studies of the physical security are always different, the following points are nearly always covered:

  • Access to the premises
  • Access to high-security areas
  • Walls / fences and other barriers
  • Electronic-access devices
  • Monitoring systems
  • Getting past security measures

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Publications of the curesec GmbH on Physical Security

25.02.2012 Curesec publishes an article on Angriffs-Vektor: Direct Memory Access on


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